Erectile Dysfunction

Common Questions

There are so many questions different people ask about erectile dysfunction but if you want to know the answers to these common questions asked about erectile dysfunction, you need to concentrate on the following information you would get from this article. First, you need to know what erectile dysfunction is. Another word for erectile dysfunction is popularly known as impotence which is the inability of a man to get firm erection and cannot be able to perform satisfactorily when having sex. It doesn’t matter the age of a man, this situation can occur at any point in a man’s life. Although, erectile dysfunction is supposed to come in a man’s life as he is aging but these days even young men suffer from impotency.

Some other people believe that erectile dysfunction is a man’s inability to ejaculate during sex and that is where they are wrong. You might ask as a young man why you find it difficult to attain penile erection when you are with your girlfriend. This situation could be very weird but it is best you book an appointment with a doctor regarding your sexual concerns. If he specializes in this area, he would be able to give you advice on how to go about it. You might find it awkward at the beginning but with help from your doctor, you would be able to get over it.

Another question that you might ask – “Will constant sex help prevent erectile dysfunction?” Yes it will because research has shown that the more regular a man has sex with a woman, the more minimal his chances are of developing an erectile dysfunction. Sexual intercourse helps to uphold a standard erectile function and it has been observed that it is the easiest way out for any erectile disorder. Not until recently, many people believed that there was no cure for people suffering from erectile dysfunction but that is no longer the case since Cialis has come into the market.

There are also several erectile dysfunction remedies apart from using Cialis like using a natural and inexpensive method as listed above. Constant sex will eliminate every chances of being impotent and even if you have been discovered to be impotent you should continue having regular sex as it would help strengthen your penile erection. Erectile dysfunction can also come in the form of low sperm count when a man is not able to produce enough sperm that would produce a child. You can use the above method or settle down for Cialis as it would help curb this problem of erectile dysfunction.

What are the causes of erectile dysfunction? You might want to know that a good percentage of erectile dysfunction is caused by psychological factors like stress, anxiety, gilt, depression and fear of sexual failure. Erectile dysfunction can also be related to trauma after bladder or pelvic surgery. Other factors that contribute to erectile dysfunction include diabetes, kidney disease, alcoholism and neurological disorders.

Do you have to put up with erectile dysfunction? Well, it is not that inevitable but once you have noticed such, you can easily come out of it once you maintain a good sex life. Remedies to erectile dysfunction includes intense lovemaking, taking natural herbal supplements like iron, protein and calcium, taking hormone placement therapy and so on. Regular exercise like jogging, long walks, playing sport and so on can also help to improve one’s penile erection. Remember that whatever you decide to do about your erectile dysfunction should be first related to a doctor or a medical specialist so as to get advice and to make sure you are on the right track to getting answers to your questions about erectile dysfunction.